3d Lashes

imgresWant natural but striking eyelashes?

3D Lashes are light, weightless individual lashes that last up to two months. They are a more natural looking lash than most false lashes and feel like your own. We use a mixture of brands, lengths, thicknesses and styles depending upon the lashes you have and the look you are going for.

The 3D Lashes open and lift your eyes, giving them a youthful and sultry look. Vary the style by having just a few applied to the ends for an Audrey Hepburn effect, a full set all the way across like Kim Kardashian or a more natural look, which will add density and fullness to your own lashes.

3D Lashes require you to return for top up treatments and maintenance, depending upon the unique growth cycle that your lashes are currently in. Your lashes grow to a certain length and then fall out. If the majority of your lashes are in the new stage of growth, you are likely to have a longer gap between visits. If your lashes are near their longest length and due to fall out and be replaced with a new lash, your visits are likely to be shorter. You will find it will vary each time.

Please be aware that in the interest of your safety we will only apply the 3D Lashes if you have had a full patch test and consultation 24 hours prior to the treatment. At Tessa Stevens we uphold this due to new glues and guidelines that came into place from 2010.