Accumax ™

Accumax is a nutritional supplement we have been working with for the past two years. It is designed to improve the skins’ clarity from within, giving you flawless and clearer skin. We have seen brilliant results with our clients who have had stubborn skin conditions, yet with Accumax they are experiencing a much-improved complexion.

Quote: “I started taking two Accumax in the morning and two Accumax in the evening and within 3 weeks I could see changes in my breakouts, redness and scarring. Within 3 months it had almost cleared up and with Mineral Make-up you could not see it at all. I tried antibiotics and creams from the doctor before, but Accumax was a better natural supplement for me” Arianna, Student, 19 years old.

What is Skin Accumax?

Skin AccumaxTM has a unique formula containing our ground-breaking and
 skin-perfecting ingredient DIM (a patented, highly active plant compound), as well as other complexion enhancing active ingredients.

Skin AccumaxTM contains a completely unique patented and exciting ingredient called DIM which works from the inside out. This scientifically advanced formulation enables the active nutrients to work together much better than they would individually.

DIM is a clever plant compound, it’s even been patented!

You will not find this unique combination of ingredients in any other supplement.

Not only that, but we have combined DIM with a special blend of vitamins that are known for maintaining healthy skin.

Other positive FACTS about Accumax:

  • It is wheat and gluten free
  • It has not been tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 100% Natural