Advanced Nutrition Programme

Many of us long for a flawless complexion and radiant skin, spending a countless amount of money on lotions and creams.

When it comes to healthy skin, what you put inside the body can often be as important as what you apply to it.  For the ultimate healthy glow inside and out – we’re proud to present The Advanced Nutrition Programme™.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is a salon-only range of supplements that supports skincare regimes.

These premium nutraceuticals (food product/ pharmaceutical that provides medical and health benefits) provide the optimum daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to help maintain vibrant health and glowing skin. Only the finest, purest ingredients are used, in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.

A = Absorbable and bioavailability

= Natural

= Pure Macs. The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ uses a technology called Pure Macs, which filters out all toxins from the nutrition.

Why Take Supplements?

For those of us who live pressured and fast-paced lifestyles it is not always possible to gain the best levels of nutrition from our diet, particularly as the profile of foods has changed over recent years. The methods of growing crops, storage and transit, cooking, and supermarket shelves further diminish nutrients. Supplements have an important role to play to ensure we get the daily intake of important nutrients.

A national diet and nutrition survey carried out in Great Britain reported that a considerable percentage of women aged 19-64 are not getting the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of many vitamins and minerals from their diet.

59% do not get even get the RDA of vitamin A

41% do not get even get the RDA of vitamin C

42% do not get even get the RDA of calcium

74% do not get even get the RDA of magnesium

The Advance Nutrition Programme™ is designed to provide the optimum daily amounts of key vitamins, minerals and other vital elements for good skin and vibrant health.

Why we’ve chosen to work with the Advance Nutrition Programme at Tessa Stevens Health and Beauty:

Trusted for quality and quantity of dosage and using the finest ingredients, The Advance Nutrition Programme™ range has been formulated by Patrick Holford who has more than 30 years experience in nutrition and research into the effects of nutrients on our health.

They are committed to including ingredients that offer the best absorption and bioavailability. Advance Nutrition Programme™ fish oils are scrupulously screened for PCB’s and other pollutants to ensure maximum purity using Puremax, an advanced purification and concentration technology.

We approve of the fact that, unlike other brands, their binders and fillers are always inert or add some benefit. They are specially chosen to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction. Additionally, they aim to use the most appropriate and natural components available. The use of artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners is avoided and animal derived agents are also minimised.

Many of the supplements are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Here at Tessa Stevens the Advance Nutrition Programme is a product that closely reflects our values, using research and facts at the heart of their product development as well as being a product with a focus approach on peoples wellbeing and results.