Consultation and Preparation

Dermal Needing

Percutaneous Induction therapy is designed to stimulate new collagen cells to grow and to improve the overall health, texture and appearance of the skin.

The treatment involves pricking the skin multiple times by rollering with a non-electric small hand held device that has needles. We use different lengths of needles depending upon the area, skin health and condition to be treated.

It is suitable for people who have areas of the face or the body they want to treat such as: fine lines, wrinkles, UV damage, acne scarring, post-operative scarring, stretch marks, premature ageing and open pores.


Cosmetic and Medical

There are various types of sizes and the size of the needle will determine which category it falls into.

A cosmetic roller that you are able to use at home yourself or use in a facial will be a 0.2, 0.3 or a 0.5. Most people use the 0.2 and 0.3 on the face and 0.5 on the body.

Medical needling will be using a 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 and used by a trained professional.

The depth of the needle will affect which cells we are treating and the outcome of the treatment. Therefore your trained skincare specialist can advise you on which roller to start on and how to correctly prepare your skin at home four weeks before.

Any use of a roller will only give optimum results if the cell health is there – a good result will be achieved through good topical nutrients and the correct multi-vitamins taken.


Treatment information

We like to get it right first time around, so a full consultation and patch test is required prior to any treatment beginning.

A consultation takes approximately 45 minutes and will involve your skincare specialist taking some information you. She will want to know about the history of your health and your skin and will want to examine your skin’s health to determine if your skin is suitable for the treatment.

A skincare programme of the correct vitamins and nutritional supplements will be prescribed for you to take a minimum of four weeks before starting the treatment.

Your skincare specialist will go through this programme with you and explain it step by step. Depending on the health of your skin will depend upon the programme you are given.

A patch test will take place and with your permission we will take three before photos to document the skin prior to starting.

The most important thing to remember with this treatment is we are causing a wound healing process and stimulating new collagen skin cell to grow, therefore results will not happen after a month or two months. Some of our best results to date are clients who we treated six months to two years ago. The results keep getting better due to the collagen stimulation and application of topical vitamins.

Once the consultation has been completed and the home programme is at a minimum of 30 days you can then start the treatment.

We normally advise a course of three to six treatments and we can space them apart anything from one week to four weeks apart. This all depends on each individual client.

On the day of the treatment you arrive to the clinic and the area will be cleaned and prepared and the topical anaesthetic will be applied and left to work. Once it has caused the skin to become numb, the treatment will take place. When will roller the area, you should not feel anything at all and once we have rolled the area, the skin will then be cleaned and application of topical vitamins to the treated area. Your therapist will then go through your aftercare advice and homecare routine.


Important information

Due to the type of treatment this is, we will only treat clients who are strictly taking the homecare advice for a minimum of four weeks prior to starting.


The independent research that took place with Professor Aust in Germany showed evidence that those clients who used topical vitamin A and C prior and supplements vitamin C, Collagen and Vitamin A. All gained up to 120% better results.

For us we only want people to continue to gain the best results possible from their treatment, therefore we follow these programme guidelines to ensure clients satisfaction and positive results are always high.


If you are sun bed junkie we won’t be able to treat you as results would be reduced due to the fact that the UV light will cause too much damage to the cells we are wanting to work on.

Certain medical conditions and medication can also be a contra indication for the treatment going forward, however we can advise you on how to use the cosmetic home roller with the correct topical vitamins to prepare you.

If you’re interested in this treatment but aren’t sure whether it would be suitable, we welcome you to come and have a consultation where our skincare specialist can go through everything for you.

Treatment programmes and pricing:


Consultation and Patch Test

45 minutes


A full and in-depth consultation must be carried out prior to having this treatment. The topical anesthetic cream which is to be used in the treatment must be patch tested on your skin during this consultation to ensure your skin is suitable for treatment. If you have a darker skin (skin types 4-6) we would also advise having a small patch test using the roller.


Small Areas (Top Lip / Small Scar)

1 hour 30 min


Some people want to have small areas treated, such as fine or deep lines on their top lip, a small surgical scar, a small area of acne scarring or chicken pox scars. Small areas are normally 3cm by 3cm. We would still advise you to start preparing the skin four weeks before treatment, to ensure you get the maximum results.

There is a one-off £50 fee to purchase your individual roller.


Full Face

2 hours


A full face treatment is from the forehead down to the neck. There is a one-off £50 fee to purchase your individual roller.