Ellipse Intense Pulse Light -IPL

Ellipse Super Light

Ellipse Super Light is a safe and effective Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machine that is able to treat the following conditions:

Permanent Hair Reduction

To the face and body for all skin types 1 to 6. Those plagued with stubborn hair are forever plucking, waxing, shaving and/or bleaching. It can be demoralising, but it doesn’t have to be. Reduce the hair by having a minimum of six treatments with us.

Skin Rejuvenation

Includes pigmentation, sun damage, diffused redness, rosacea and collagen stimulation. If you have accumulated some sun spots on the face or chest, or you simply want to have an overall rejuvenation of your skin for a special occasion, then a skin rejuvenation treatment is ideal.

Facial Thread Veins

If you have small or large broken veins on your face and around the nose, then one of our skin specialists can treat them for you effectively. There is no need to cover them up all the time; a skin consultation, homecare programme and some IPL for the veins will work well on giving you that flawless look again.


Our team are all trained in the Ellipse Super Light IPL, and they attend refresher training courses with Ellipse every six to eight months.

They also undertake The Core of Knowledge Training every three years to ensure that their understanding of safety for all IPLs and Lasers are up-to-date.


We are pleased to say an independent company, Lasermet, audits us. This is to ensure our organisation operates in accordance with best practice regarding the safety of IPL’s. They ensure we are updated on new legislation, safety measures, new working practices and treatment protocols.

Lasermet also provide us with contact to a GP, therefore if you are taking mediation, unwell or have a new medical condition prior to starting or whilst in the middle of your program we are able to ensure that your treatment can still proceed with the correct adjustments to the treatment so that you are still treated safely.