Ellipse Laser

Ellipse Laser


Ellipse is one of the industry’s most effective award winning technology. The renowned scientist has utilised the unique SWTTM and Laser based systems to safely and effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions, including the removal of unwanted hair, vascular lesions, epidermal pigmented lesions, photo-damage and acne vulgaris.

The Ellipse has numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies which has proven that the Ellipse systems have one of the market’s highest hair clearance rates. It has a photo rejuvenation option requiring only two treatments, as opposed to more than five for most alternative systems. It can achieve incomparable acne results, and it offers a superior solution for all vascular lesions. 


Practically pain free SWT/ Laser hair removal with documented long term results.

For many men and women hair removal is a never ending, time consuming and laborious process, but it needn’t be such a hardship. Ellipse is state-of-the-art, award winning Ellipse Laser/ SWTTM Ultimate system – a Selective Waveband Technology Therapy based treatment that drastically reduces unwanted hair.

To achieve long lasting or permanent hair removal, it is necessary to destroy the hair follicle from which individual hairs grow. Carefully selected and controlled pulses of light penetrate the epidermis and are absorbed by only melanin in the hair contained in the follicle, making it one of the safest treatments in the aesthetic field. This heat is transferred to the hair follicle, which is destroyed, making it unable to produce a new hair.

The Ellipse Laser/ SWTTM ultimate hair removal system is suitable for a complete head to toe treatment, available for both men and women. This treatment offers practically, painless permanent hair reduction delivering touchable, soft, smooth skin.

Treatment regime?

1 treatment every 4-8 weeks (an average of 6 sessions is usually required). Hair grows in three different cycles Anagen, Catagen and Telegone. We need to treat the hair in the active Anagen stage to ensure maximum disruption is caused to the hair follicle and the Ellipse Permanent Hair Reduction can only successfully treat hair during its growing stage. Therefore it is often necessary to undergo a course of a minimum of 6 treatments ensuring that you leave at least 4-8 weeks between each session initially depending on the area you are treating.

Once you have achieved permanent hair reduction of 10% -15% then you can go onto maintenance. We advise various programmes for each person depending on the area you have treated. We do strongly advise that you use Ellipse Nordlys Laser as your preferred hair removal option for the first year after you initial course of treatments is complete.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

To ensure that as many hair follicles are targeted as possible it is also important not to undergo any hair removal for at least four weeks before the appointment or during the course of treatment. You may shave the area only. The same rule applies to any sun treatments, self tan and sun beds as a tan will raise the pigment level in the skin and have a severe effect on the treatments’ success.

Skin type is a fundamental effecting factor in this treatment as due to the high level of pigment in the skin, darker skin tones often experience more pain during treatment, though generally it has been compared to the sensation of a rubber band pinging on your skin.

What can the client expect as far as results?

With the Ellipse hair removal treatment the results are as follows:

The number of hairs will become reduced in the treatment area.

Hair will become finer in the treatment area.

Hair will become less pigmented in the treatment area.

Your Ellipse Nordlys Laser specialist is experienced, regularly trained and friendly, they will be able to answer all your questions and concerns.

The upgraded Nordlys Laser has the added benefit of a significant increased treatment time (a male back now taking less than 10 minutes) offering a more comfortable treatment and further clearance of finer hairs with the bespoke program. 


Remove age spots, diffuse redness, Rosacea, poikiloderma of civatte and uneven pigmentation on the face and body.

Everybody loves the sunshine!  It’s good for the soul and the immediate effect it has on the skin such as a tan and healthy glow are much desired. However, in the long term sun exposure decreases the production of collagen and leads to uneven pigmentation, redness and a lack of firmness.

The Ellipse Laser/ SWTTM Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment rejuvenates the skin by directing well-controlled pulses of light into the upper skin layer. The light is absorbed by two of the body’s own natural chemicals – Melanin in the pigmented areas and Haemoglobin in the red blood cells.  Both these pigments convert the light energy into heat. This heat is used to destroy the parts of the cells in which the melanin is stored, and to damage the walls of the vessels supplying blood to the areas where vascular damage is seen.

The visible light produced by the Ellipse Laser/ SWTTM system is carefully controlled to produce the correct pulse length and right amount of energy to destroy the targets without damaging surrounding tissue, providing skin rejuvenation.  This is a quick and simple treatment that does not interfere with your normal daily routine and currently offers the best anti-ageing skin treatment around.

Which type of client can be treated?

The best results are seen with clients of skin types 1-3 and skin type 4 can be treated with care. It is important that the client avoids sun exposure 30-60 days prior to treatment. Sun exposure can increase the risk of pains or burns from excessive light absorption in the epidermis. If the client has a sun tan it may be better to wait until the colour reduces to achieve the best results. The Ellipse has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for different skin types.


Remove many types of vascular lesions such as telangiectasias (thread veins), hemangiomas and Port Wine Stains.

The system offers safe and effective thread vein removal (broken capillaries). The technically advanced Ellipse Thread vein Removal, using a Selective Waveband Technology system is a safe and effective treatment to get rid of redness and broken capillaries. Your personal requirements are overseen and performed, in confidence, by our senior Laser/ SWTTM specialist and patient co-ordinator.

The results you will achieve from the Ellipse treatments are as follows:

  1. Removal of the Thread Vein
  2. Decreased size of thread vein
  3. Skin texture & pore size will be improved and the skin will look brighter & younger

How long does an Ellipse treatment take?

A single session typically lasts 10-20 minutes.

How many Ellipse treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on the body site and the severity of the thread vein. Clinical studies have confirmed that 1-4 treatments usually are needed, and these are timed about one month apart. Only thread veins on the face, neck and chest can be treated.


Obtain a clearer complexion without the use of antibiotics.

Acne Vulgaris can be embarrassing, painful and a general nuisance to our appearance and confidence. At some point in our lives, we all get acne and often over-the-counter remedies can work for most of us. But when it is excessive it can disable lives and our social interaction for years.

The GOOD NEWS is that our Ellipse Laser/ SWTTM acne clearance treatment has proven time-and-again to be very effective and the success rates are high. Ellipse Laser/ SWTTM treatment following use of prescription medication has been clinically proven to accelerate the healing process for acne. It has been clinically proven, it is safe and very effective in treating acne.

Ellipse Laser/ SWTTM acne clearance is a treatment solutions for spots, and acne. Acne prone skin can be pitted, sensitive, large pores, and also suffer from redness and blemishes. Acne can affect men and women and be found on the face, neck, chest, nose, chin and the back. It is common in teenagers and adults.

How long does an Ellipse treatment take?

A course may vary depending on your initial condition and reaction. But Ellipse treatment offers a fast solution with no scarring, it is a non-surgical solution that delivers fast results without any skin discolouration or hyperpigmentation. It takes approximately 60 IPL flashes to treat the full face. Including consultation and preparation, you should count on 20 minutes in the clinic. A typical course of therapy includes four treatments, three weeks apart. 

Scar Removal Treatment

Every time the skin or tissue is cut or damaged it will heal by forming a scar. Various factors influence how your skin scars including the depth and size of the wound or incision, the location of the injury, skin type, age, heredity, sex and ethnicity. These factors will all affect how your skin reacts. 

Laser Treatments

Effective scar reduction treatments with the Ellipse Nordlys Laser/SWT system can be achieved . This method is ideal for new or red/pink scars and can drastically reduce redness whilst stimulating collagen and elastin. We usually recommend between 1-3 sessions, however this is dependent on the nature of the scar.

Leg Veins

We use the Ellipse Nordlys System- the most versatile and effective platform system on the market. As we age, valves in our leg veins become less efficient, so less blood is pumped back from the legs. This means blood vessels in our legs become larger, darker and more visible. In severe cases, varicose veins may form and may require surgical treatment (vein stripping). Other vessels can be treated by injections (sclerotherapy). Smaller vessels (leg telangiectasias) are often treated by laser, such as the Ellipse Nd:YAG laser.

How does the Ellipse treatment work?

Ellipse leg vein treatment uses a precisely calculated pulse of laser energy, exactly directed to the vessel being treated. This causes the blood inside the vessel to heat up, causing the wall of the vessel to collapse. The vessel is reabsorbed naturally by your white blood cells. The skin surrounding the vessel is not affected by the treatment.

Who can be treated?

Any skin type can be treated, however it does depend on the size of your leg vessels and also you medical history

Does the treatment hurt?

Ellipse leg vein treatments are done by making use of the latest cooling technique- SoftCool TM- to minimize discomfort and protect the surrounding skin. Most people find that treatment of smaller vessels is practically PAIN FREE. Even treatment of larger vessels is only mildly uncomfortable. The results are worth it. Ellipse treatments hurts less than those from most other Nd:YAG systems

When can I see my results?

Smaller vessels can disappear immediately after treatment, larger ones fade away more gradually over the next few weeks. Normally patients experience a little redness and or swelling (this can last for 2 days) in the treated area. Rarely, blood may collect in the treated vessel. In this case your doctor will most likely request that you call back two days after your treatment

How many sessions do I need?

This depends on the number of vessels to be treated. We usually recommend 1-3 sessions

How much does it cost?

We offer complimentary consultations and patch tests to our patients. Prices are always confirmed prior to your treatments. Generally prices start from £….

How can I be sure Ellipse is safe and effective?

Clinical trials documenting Ellipse’s safety and effectiveness were carried out by leading doctors prior to the launch of the treatments, and these were published in respected, referenced medical journals. You are welcome to view these scientific papers on the Ellipse website at www.ellipse.com.

Nail Fungus

You may be reading this because you have found that antifungal nail paints don’t work for you or because you have read about the side effects (such as headache, nausea or diarrhoea) or oral antifungal drugs. Ellipse ND:YAG treatment offers a reliable and effective treatment without the risk of uncomfortable side effects.

Who can be affected?

Onychomycosis (nail fungus) can affect finger or toe nails. It becomes more common with age and certain other groups have a higher risk of developing the condition. Athletes, runners and active gym attenders who sweat more or use communal showers tend to develop it. It is also more common in patients who suffer with diabetes, athlete’s foot or who have circulation problems.

What are the symptoms of nail fungus?

  • Yellow streaks in the nail bed and on the underside of the nail
  • A build up of debris under the nail
  • A discoloured, thickened nail that may separate from the skin under the nail
  • A powdery nail surface, as the infection gets worse
  • A brittle and broken nail

Who can be treated?

All skin and nail types can be treated.

How does the treatment work?

A series of flashes of infrared light is aimed across the whole nail, including the nail folds. This heats up and destroys the fungus that is present. To ensure complete coverage, the whole series of pulses is repeated four times and the individual flashes overlap each other

How long does the treatment take?

As fungus can spread from one nail to another, normally all ten nails are treated. For this reason the whole ten nails normally takes 10 minutes to complete

How many sessions do I need?

Typically a course of 3-4 treatment sessions is necessary. We recommend a series of 4 sessions every 2-4 weeks followed by a follow up session 2 months after the last treatment

Do I need to take special precautions before and after treatment?

  • Like any other treatment of nail fungus, Ellipse Nordlys Onychomycosis treatment is a treatment, not a cure. It treats the existing problem, but does not provide immunity against infection in the future
  • Please make sure you remove any nail polish or gels before your session

Does it hurt?

Not at all, it’s the same sensation as “gentle warmth”

Hyperpigmentation and Vascular

How does the Ellipse Nordlys treatment work?

Short, safe bursts of light are directed at the skin. This may be visible intense pulsed light or from a laser, depending on the condition you want treated. The system filters the light to ensure the wavelengths used are absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood or melanin from the overactive melanocytes (dark pigment). The light is converted to heat, which destroys the protein in the wall of the vessels and melanin causing it to gradually disappear after treatment. To ensure the best light transmission, a thin layer of gel is applied to your skin before treatment

What conditions can the Ellipse Nordlys treat

  1. Rosacea – Redness and swelling of the face. Usually accompanied by acne or pustules
  2. Poikiloderma of Civatte – “brown perfume stains”. A combination of telangiectasia, irregular pigmentation and changes to the skin. Mainly on the neck and chest area
  3. Sun Spots/ age spots/ liver spots caused by unprotected sun exposure.
  4. Red or purple stretch marks
  5. Epidermal Melasma – hyper-pigmentation of the face
  6. Café au lait macules – light tan to brown flat lesions containing a lot of melanin
  7. Cherry angiomas/Campbell de Morgan spots/ senile haemangioma – bright red to bluish spots mainly appearing on the trunk of patients above the age of 30
  8. Dark circles under the eye – blue/black discolouration under the eyes
  9. Diffuse redness – a red blush especially on the cheek area
  10. Facial Telangiectasia (thread veins)
  11. Hemosiderin – rust like marks loosely following the pattern of a vessel previously treated
  12. Venous Lakes – blue or purple, soft, raised skin

Do I need to take special precautions before and after treatment?

– It is important to avoid tanning (sun, solarium or self-tanning products) before and during the treatment period otherwise your tanned skin will absorb more light which makes the treatment less effective and less comfortable
– It is also a good idea to avoid smoking 4 hours prior to treatment. Generally, no special care is necessary after treatment, but people with sensitive skin may benefit from applying a cold compress (a cold damp cloth) to the area immediately after treatment or from using an ointment prescribed by the doctor
– After treatment, you should avoid sun exposure for 30 days, even if there is no sign of inflammation in the treated area

Does the treatment hurt?

No anaesthetics are required, many patients describe the treatment as being like a snap from a rubber band followed by a sensation similar to the feeling of gentle sunburn