We are extremely lucky to have Melanie Edwards working at both of our multi-award winning beauty clinics.

Melanie is a specialist in Semi-Permanent make-up, Microblading, Scalp Micropigmentation, MESO and facial rejuvenation treatments. She has over 20 years experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry. She has perfected her skills working with many clients.

Melanie’s approach has earned a trust reputation as being one of the leading specialists in this area of expertise.

When Melanie is looking after you, you can totally relax as you are in her safe hands, her professionalism and meticulous attention to detail will ensure you will leave feeling completely satisfied with your results.

Melanie takes great care transforming the appearance of her clients but also boosting their internal confidence.

Melanie continues to develop in her field and is always at the forefront when it comes to the latest developments in the cosmetic industry.


MESO + is suitable for clients that have more difficult skin issues like acne scars or deeper set lines and wrinkles.The needles penetrate deeper into the skin though the epidermis and deposit the serums deeper down into the dermal epidermal junction, leading to more permanent results. MESO PLUS penetrates and breaks the skin easier – the increase in trauma that it cause leads to increased results as it stimulates the skins natural healing responses.
– Redness can usually last for about 24hours with slightly more aftercare involved.
– Treatments only recommended every 4 weeks minimum.
– Instant results with skin improving progressively following a treatment.
– Natural ingredients within the serums and a great alternative to botox and fillers.


The perfect lunchtime treatment – great for skin rejuvenation and an everyday treatment which leaves your skin feeling truly clean, resurfaced and boosted.
– Improves the tone and texture of skin.
– Ideal for those with ls pronounced fine lines, in need of a skin overhaul or those who suffer with regular outbreaks.
– Meso plastic abrades and scuffs the skin, letting the drum in through these breaks, therefore resulting in a more gentle treatment.
– Redness usually dissappears after1- 2 hours great for an event the following day.
– Instant results with skin improving progressively following a treatment.
– Suitable for weekly treatments,more lasting results are achieved by regular sessions.
– Serums contain natural ingredients.

Metal Meso Face and Neck



Metal Meso Face



Plastic Meso