Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic allow customers to book appointments or bookings in person at the salon, over the telephone or via social media platforms. These are additional to the online bookings service via the website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making a non online booking appointment. This is a legal agreement between you, the “user” and Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic for all parts of the non online booking services.

To use these services you must fully accept these terms of use (the “terms”) without changes, and you agree to use these services according to these terms. These terms are the entire agreement between you and Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic. If you do not accept these terms, please do not make a booking appointment.

Limitation of liability

All non online bookings for services are made with Tessa Stevens Health and Beauty Clinic the service provider. The contract is between you and the service provider. Before making a booking, you need to check that you agree with the our non online booking terms and conditions.

Booking conditions

The following conditions apply to bookings of services made by you for a non online booking.

Making a reservation

When making a non online booking in the clinic, over the phone or via social media, you will be required to leave your valid credit or debit card details which will be securely stored on your account solely to be used to take a cancellation/no show payment, where our cancellation or no show policy of Tessa stevens Health & Beauty Clinic has not been followed. For all bookings attended or for all required notice period of cancellations had been given, no payment will be taken.

Cancellation policy

A cancellation period of 48hours is required from the 4th October 2021 for all bookings. Prior to the 4th October our cancellation period is 24hours. Users may cancel non online bookings, subject to the cancellation being made prior to the cancellation period as defined by Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic.

A cancellation of an appointment after the cancellation period of 48hours will result in loss of the cancellation fee of 50% of your service that you were booked in for.

The service provider has the right to use your stored card details to take this cancellation fee.

The amount lost depends on the total cost of your booking but will be no more than the amount initially charged of the service being carried out.

If an appointment has not been cancelled before the applicable cancellation period of 48hours from the 4th October 2021, the salon reserves the right to charge the card user with the cancellation fee of 50%.

If you fail to arrive by your agreed appointment time, you authorise the service provider Tessa Stevens to charge your credit card or debit card to you an amount lower or equal to your total booking value (less any deposit fee/reservation paid) or an amount that might be set out in the service provider’s terms and conditions.

Stored payments terms & conditions


You agree and acknowledge that Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic may collect, use and disclose the Payment Methods (defined below) which you provide to us in accordance with these terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions).

Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic Stored Payment Method is the digital data repository used by us to store Stored Payment Methods (defined below).

Payment methods

Collection of details

Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic collects payment details (including, but not limited to, the details of any credit card, debit card and email address associated with any payment account) (Payment Methods) from you when you make a non-online booking (including by phone, in clinic or via social media.

You agree that any Payment Method you provide to Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic will be available to us to use in accordance for any cancellation or no show fees in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Secure storage of payment methods

All Stored Payment Methods will be held securely by Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic and stored by us and our payment partners Stripe in accordance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) information security standard requirements and otherwise as required by law.

Disclosure of stored payment methods

Any Stored Payment Methods will not be disclosed to any third party, except in accordance with our Payment Provider STRIPE

Only our Payment provider STRIPE who store the payment methods and complying with PCI DSS information security standard requirements have disclosed details for the purpose Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic taking a cancellation fee.

Stored Payment Methods used to take a cancellation fee will be disclosed by Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic to relevant financial institutions and payment service providers for the purposes of facilitating that payment and complying with PCI DSS information security standard requirements.

Verification of payment methods

When requested by Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic, you agree to provide to us with a valid card and if a debit card there must be sufficient funds and to update us if a card has expired or been replaced.

Changing or removing stored payment methods

You may change or remove any of your Stored Payment Methods at any time. If you wish to change or remove any of your Stored Payment Methods, you must notify Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic by contacting our staff. Any future payments that are yet to be processed using your Stored Payment Method may be cancelled upon the removal of the Stored Payment Method.

No Liability in credit or debit card transactions

Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all credit card and debit card transactions are secure. HOWEVER, if unauthorised charges appear on your credit card or debit card statement for any card used for a cancellation fee at any time during or after you make your reservation, conduct your transaction or disclose your card details Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic shall not be liable or responsible in any way in respect of any damage or loss of whatsoever nature suffered by you arising from or in any way connected with said use, transaction or disclosure, subject only to any statutory rights which you may have.


You consent to Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic collecting and handling your personal information (including Payment Methods) in accordance with Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic Privacy Policy or otherwise as authorised or required by law, or as consented to by you. Collection of this information is required to deliver the specific services but use of these services is voluntary.

Details of your personal information, including Payment Methods (which are tokenised in the case of credit and debit cards), may also be used/disclosed by Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic in connection with the payment of any cancellation fee that Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic has informed you of.


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