ANP-Immunity Intelligence- 28 Day Pod Supply


Each pod features intelligent ingredients deliver daily:

Two doses of Colostrum-C
These capsules unite colostrum (the substance produced by mammals in the first hours after giving birth and is rich in antibodies) with vitamin C

One dose of Skin Vit C
This tablet fuses vitamin C with citrus bioflavonoids and rosehip to support immune system and skin*

One dose of Skin Vitality 1
This multivitamin tablet is packed with over 25 vitamins and minerals including immunity supporting vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, folate, zinc, iron, selenium* as well as plant nutrients including bilberries

One dose of Skin Vit A+
This capsule effectively synergises together vitamin A with vitamin D. These multi-tasking ingredients provide support for the immune system, mucous membranes**, skin, vision, bones, teeth and muscles



Advanced Nutrition Programme™ are proud to introduce new Immunity Intelligence. Each box provides 28 days of supplement pods to support the immune system* and overall wellbeing of the mind, body and skin**. Our experts have created a supplement to support overall wellbeing of both yourself and your clients. This succinct series of immune-supporting nutrients of vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D, as well as folate, iron, selenium and zinc are united together in daily-dose pods with five capsules and tablets. 

Pristinely packaged in convenient, tear-off packs. 


Skin Vit A+

one capsule provides: %NRV

Vitamin A 5000iu 1500µg RE 188

Vitamin D 400iu 10µg 200

Skin Vitality 1

One tablet provides: %NRV

Vitamin A 2667iu 800µg RE 100

Vitamin D2 400iu 10µg 200

Vitamin E 100iu (natural source) 67 mg α-TE 558

Vitamin C 192mg 240

Thiamine (vitamin B1) 32mg 2909

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 25mg 1786

Niacin (vitamin B3) 100mg NE 625

Vitamin B6 30mg 2143

Folic acid 400µg 200

Vitamin B12 100µg 4000

Biotin 400µg 800

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 60mg 1000

Calcium 30mg 4

Magnesium 19mg 5

Iron 7.5mg 54

Zinc 15mg 150

Manganese 4.45mg 223

Selenium 200µg 364

Chromium 100µg 250

Molybdenum 500µg 1000

Iodine 151µg 101

Choline bitartrate 60mg

Inositol 25mg

PABA 25mg

Bilberry extract 4:1 (equivalent to 200mg bilberries) 50mg

Lutein 5mg

Beta carotene (natural source) 2mg

Boron 1.2mg

Skin Vit C

One tablet provides: %NRV

Vitamin C 500mg 625

Citrus bioflavonoids 55mg

Rose hip 25mg

Hesperidin 5mg

Rutin 5mg


How To Use

1 Pod a day


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