Emjoi MICRO Pedi Unit


The MICRO Pedi unit from Emjoi is a ground-breaking device that effectively buffs away dead, calloused skin on the feet with minimal effort. Achieve smooth, soft heels in a matter of seconds and enjoy a pedicure in the comfort of your own home.

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Safer than metal scrapers that use blades to cut the skin, the device uses a unique micro-mineral roller that spins 360 degrees at an impressive 30 times per second to painlessly remove layers of hard skin. An effortless process, the roller does all the hard work so you can achieve the best results quickly and effectively, leaving your feet feeling soft and looking like you have just stepped out of a spa.

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Unit
Gently and effectively buffs away hard and dry skin in seconds
Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which use blades to cut the skin
No need for harsh chemical treatments
Easy and fun to use unlike pumice stones that take effort and require constant rubbing
Comes complete with an extra coarse Flex+ micro-mineral replacement roller, plus one additional roller
Ergonomically designed handle with rubberised grip is easy to hold and manoeuvre in either hand to easily reach the feet
Water resistant head – easy to clean
Battery operated (2AA – not included)
Aside from the handheld micro pedi itself, you get two anti-bacterial, micro-mineral rollers. One is extreme coarse and the other is extra coarse. You’ll also get an adapter for charging, travel pouch, cleaning brush, and charging base.

How to use

Emjoi MICRO Pedi Professional Pedicure Device is hardly something that requires a lot of manual work to it. Once you get the package, you simply open it up, charge it, and power it on. You will immediately see the rollers spinning at the top of the device, and those are what you put against your skin to buff away the rough spots.

Once the rollers are applied to your skin, they will immediately begin buffing away all of the rough calloused areas. In no time, you’ll have beautiful soft skin that leaves your feet irresistibly touchable.

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