What are Red Veins?


Facial thread veins can be a nuisance and it can take a huge amount of time and effort having to cover them up daily with make-up. Often the change in weather, a glass of wine and a change a body temperature can cause the veins to become stimulated and your face to look even more red and flushed.

Reasons for having Facial Thread Veins

These unsightly veins can be caused by a genetic predisposition. This means you may have inherited that type of vascular skin from one of your parents, then there will be certain triggers causing them to initially show up and then progressively get worse over time. These triggers can include:

  • Your age
  • Pregnancy
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Your relationship with the sun in your earlier teens and twenties
  • Medication
  • Continual hayfever or sinus problems
  • Poor skin health and bad skincare regime
  • Some medical conditions 
  • Stress
  • Compromised skin conditions like Rosacea

Consultation and Patch Test

We carry out a consultation to determine the possible cause and a pathway in how to prevent further veins.

We find often some education on the correct skin care, nutrition and how to manage these lifestyle factors will also make a big difference.

Normally more than one session is required at four weekly intervals, but this all depends upon the type of vein and how long they have been there. After your session with us there will be an immediate difference in the veins, however, the skin can look red and may have some localised swelling. The patch test will allow your therapist to establish what type of skin you have and how it may heal. Be assured that all of the aftercare and how to look after the skin will be discussed in the consultation to prepare you for your treatment.



Facial Thread Vein

We charge £45 per 15 minutes, but if you require longer we can offer double sessions. We only treat the face and chest, we do not treat veins on the legs.

After the treatment we strongly advise that you have no sun exposure for two weeks. Ensuring you have good skin health through topical Vitamin A, C and SPF is essential to achieve good results. Poor skin health and lifestyle factors like smoking and alcohol will require you to have more treatments and slower results. Facial Thread Veins can also be treated with Intense Pulse Light if advance electrolysis is not a suitable option for you.




Clear skin can soon be yours – give us a call to arrange your consultation today.