Skin Tags | Milia |Red Veins

Advance Electrolysis is using the same machine as electrolysis hair removal but the working method is different. it can be used to remove:

  • Skin tags anywhere on the face or body.
  • Red Veins on the face and body
  • Some warts
  • Moles (a consultation and sometimes a GP’s letter may be required)
  • Milia
  • Blood spots
  • Seborroeic warts

A full consultation is required first. Sometimes with certain conditions like red veins or certain skin types we will need to carry out a patch test which is £10, before treatment goes ahead.

Unfortunately treatment cannot always take place on the day, however if we feel the skin and health is suitable to proceed then we will carry out the treatment on the same day as the consultation. Treatments are charged at a flat rate of £60 per 15 minutes and we can normally treat most peoples concerns in that time, if we feel it may take more time then we will advise you before starting.

Advance electrolysis works by using a short wave diathermy current and a very small sterile needle, the needle is a flexible and as thin as the end of your hair, completely different from a tractional needle used for a test.

The method varies depending upon which of the above condition we are treating. The healing rate and aftercare will be dependent upon the condition of the skin, the area we are treating and the condition we are treating but all of the necassary information will be covered in the consultation and before starting.

Since many GP’s surgeries have stopped providing this service we now find we get as many as forty referrals a week for men and women of all ages. It is a much more affordable way to treat these concerns than to be referred onto a private dermatologist.