Decléor Anti-fatigue Citrus Energy Boost

Energising and revitalising to improve circulation. Aches, pains and tiredness melt away with this super-stimulating treatment. The antidote to poor circulation, the refreshing full body wrap eases aching muscles and fights fatigue. Ideally suited to those who enjoy sport and or an active lifestyle, this warming zesty treatment also ensures cold hands and feet become a thing of the past. The revitalising Essential Oils even targets varicose veins for total comfort all over.

70 mins


Decléor Vanilla & Ylang Ylang Relaxing Hydration

Intensely calming and nourishing for super soft skin. Banish stress with this cocooning & warming relaxation wrap. Developed to improve wellbeing by relieving stress & unloading busy minds, indulgent self-heating ingredients actively help reduce tension and stress. The perfect treatment for anyone with a hectic, demanding lifestyle who ends it hard to switch off, this sublimely relaxing envelopment includes deliciously soothing Vanilla as well as brightening Papaya Extract to leave skin satin smooth.

70 mins


Cleanse and Correct LED Back Facial

This treatment combines LED light, deep cleansing and hydrating balms to ensure that the skin on your back and shoulders is softer, more balanced, looking dewy and perfectly clean. Ideal before an event where your back will be exposed or before going away on holiday.

55 mins



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