Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI)

Dermal Rollering is the most advance treatment to improve acne scaring, fne lines, overall skin health, open pores, skin tightening and vitality. When rollering the skin we are stimulating Type 1 collagen, the same soft dewy collagen that we are born with. Only Dermal Rollering can make this Type 1 collagen. The treatment breaks down old collagen fbres and makes way for new collagen and elastin fbres to born. The results can take 3-6 months. At Tessa Stevens we have been offering Dermal Rolling for 8 years and understand that every clients journey is different. A consultation will ensure we are able to put together the most bespoke program for your needs.

Cosmetic and Medical
There are various needle sizes and the size of the needle used will be determined by where and how it is to be used. A cosmetic roller that you are able to use yourself at home, or use in a facial, will be either a 0.2mm, 0.3mm or 0.5mm. The depth of the needle affects which cells are treated and the outcome of the treatment, therefore, a trained skin care specialist can advise you on which roller to start with and how to prepare your skin correctly at home for four weeks before treatment begins. Optimum results can only be achieved using any roller where there is good cell health. A good result will be achieved through the use of good topical nutrients and taking the correct multivitamins

Price list

A full and in-depth consultation must be carried out prior to having this treatment. The topical anaesthetic cream which is to be used in the treatment must be patch tested on your skin during this consultation to ensure your skin is suitable for treatment. If you have a darker skin (skin types 4-6) we would also advise having a small patch test using the roller.

Consultation and patch test


Face and body

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