Eyelash Tint

Open up your eyes with an eyelash tint. An eyelash tint can benefit many people especially if you are unable to wear eye make-up, suffer from hayfever or enjoy water activities. If you have a lighter hair colour an eyelash tint can pick up all those small baby lashes on the lower lash and corners. This treatment lasts between 4-6 weeks.

Eyelash Perm

An eyelash perm will create a wide-eyed stunning look, as the top lashes are gently curled back. Your lashes will look longer and fuller. If you have ever used a manual eyelash curler when going out or applying your make-up, then an eyelash perm will give the same effect but lasts for approximately 6 weeks.
For the best results, have an eyelash tint after the perm.

Price list

All Eyelash Treatments require a patch test 24-hours prior to any treatment. If you have not had this patch-test with Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty we will be unable to proceed with a treatment as we always put your safety first. We use safe, professional dyes.

Eyelash Tint 30 mins


Eyelash Perm 45 mins


Eyelash Perm & Tint 60 mins



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