Gel Manicure

Our hands are constantly on show. For some, a manicure is a treat and for others it is a necessity. At Tessa Stevens we present you with something more than just a manicure. With care and un-matched attention to detail, our manicure includes your nails being shaped, your fingers soaked to soften the cuticles and then groomed. Expect a soothing hand and arm massage, then your nails will be buffed and varnished. Whether a manicure is a necessity for your lifestyle or not, you can be sure with us, it’ll be an amazing manicure.

Gel French Manicure

You can expect the same excellent treatment as in our standard manicure but complete with the classic French white and pink/beige polish. Finish with a white free edge and overlay with a nude soft pink or beige. The French Manicure gives a fresh and neutral look to perfectly groomed nails. A timeless classic that never disappoints.

Gel Manicure Price list

All nail treatments performed by a senior therapist will incur an additional price increase. Prices are shown in bold.

Gel Full Manicure 45 mins

£40.00 £48.00*

Gel French/Rockstar Full Manicure 60 mins

£50.00 £60.00*

Gel Colour 30 mins

£29.00 £35.00*

Gel French 45 mins

£40.00 £48.00*

Gel Rockstar 45 mins

£40.00 £48.00*

Removal of gels on hands 15mins. For all removal of gels to hands please book yourself a gel removal treatment too and arrive 15mins earlier in the clinic.


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