Waxing For Women and Men

Need a wax? Look no further. If you’re having a shorter hair-free period between waxes it could be down to the method. Try hot wax from Tessa Stevens.

We are constantly investing in training and growing our knowledge of the latest beauty treatments on offer. So our choice to use traditional hot wax, which is the same type of wax that was used in the 50s and 60s, is a conscious one.

Hot wax looks much thicker in consistency and is applied with a wooden utensil. We use a specific method of application and removal which all of our staff are trained in.

Strip vs Hot

There are few places left that use the traditional method of hot wax. Beauty colleges do not invest much time training beauty therapists how to perform a full leg, half leg or Brazilian with the traditional hot wax anymore. This has left most salons without skilled therapists and thus using strip or cool wax (this is where it is applied with a spatula and removed with a strip of paper or material).

Strip wax can be a less expensive way to wax, however, it generally causes more discomfort and is not as effective as hot wax. The warmer temperature of hot wax means it manages to grip the hair and pull it completely out from the root – giving you a longer hair-free period.

What’s more, many of our clients comment on how soothing they find the slightly warmer temperature of the wax.

At Tessa Stevens we have clients travel from all over just to get a traditional hot wax treatment. Come in and find out why.

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