Facial Thread Veins

If you suffer with small or large broken veins on your face and around the nose, you probably recognise how hard it can be to achieve the look of flawless skin with make-up alone. At Tessa Stevens Health and Beauty Clinics one of our skin specialists can effectively treat these problem areas for you.

There is no need to cover them up – a skin consultation, a homecare programme and some IPL on the veins can work successfully, giving your skin that immaculate look again.

Reasons for having facial thread veins

These veins can be caused by a genetic predisposition, which means you may have inherited this type of vascular skin from one of your parents. There will be certain triggers causing them to initially show up and then progressively get worse over time. These triggers can include:

  • your age
  • pregnancy
  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • your relationship with the sun in your early teens and twenties
  • medication
  • continual hayfever or sinus problems
  • poor skin health and bad skincare
  • some medical conditions
  • stress
  • skin conditions like rosacea

More than one session is normally required at four-weekly intervals. After the session there will be an immediate difference in the veins, however, the skin will look red and can have some localised swelling. Aftercare of the treated skin will be discussed in the consultation to prepare you. We strongly advise against sun exposure, self-tanning or use of sunbeds 30 days before and after treatment.

Ensuring you have good skin health through topical Vitamin A and C and the use of high SPF products is essential to achieve good results. Poor skin health will require more treatments and slower results.

Facial thread veins can also be treated with Advance Electrolysis if IPL is not a suitable option for you.


45 minutes


The consultation is necessary for everyone thinking about the treatment and the fee is fully refundable against the treatment. Any health concerns and details of any medication you take will need to be explained to the laser operator in the consultation.

Please ensure you are free from all self-tan and UV sunlight for 30 days on the area you want treated.


30 minutes


Face 40% off the full price below until further notice

Within one session we will treat as many veins as possible. However, during the session, once the skin begins to turn red at this point only a limited amount of veins will be able to be treated in this session. Smaller areas and veins requiring less treatment time will be charged at a reduced rate.

Tidy Up

15 minutes


Face 40% off the full price below until further notice


Our team are all trained in the Ellipse Super Light IPL and attend refresher training courses with Ellipse every six to eight months.

At Tessa Stevens the team attend The Core of Knowledge training every three years to ensure that their safety and understanding of all IPL’s and Lasers is updated.


We are pleased to say an independent company, Lasermet, audits us. This is to ensure our organisation operates in accordance with best practice regarding the safety of IPL’s. They ensure we are updated on new legislation, safety measures, new working practices and treatment protocols.

Lasermet also provide us with contact to a GP, so if you are taking mediation, unwell or have a new medical condition prior to starting or whilst in the middle of your program we are able to ensure that your treatment can still proceed with the correct adjustments to the treatment so that you are still treated safely.