Draw and define the eye brows

The finest selected henna takes 5 to 20 minutes to develop and it leaves a stain on the skin that lasts for upto 2 weeks. Using a mapping technique to draw and define the eyebrow resulting in the perfect shaped eyebrow.

The eyebrow is also really important to define symmetry in the face. It is like a frame that gives the face balance and impression. Supercilium helps the face to become more symmetrical. Although, we would like to emphasize that imperfections are just as beautiful as having a symmetrical face. Besides visual beauty your personality, character, soul and image define your kind of attractiveness.

Supercilium gives the eyebrow identity. We all love the new techniques that are helping you to become more beautiful, but we are also searching for balance. By accepting who you really are and by highlighting your existing features to define your identity. We love the personality behind the face and we know that well-defined eyebrows make this personality speak as well.

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Henna Brows


What is a Henna brow?
Do I need a patch test?
I have been growing my brows and they won’t grow anymore, will a Henna brow be right for me?
I don’t want them too dark
Can I have it whilst pregnant?


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