What is MESO Beautif Eye?

When we smile our eyes smile back, they capture the room

Our eyes reveal so much about our emotions and are often the first thing to show signs of ageing, stress and fatigue.

The skin around the eyes is particularly fine and fragile. We blink up to 15,000 per day, we laugh and squint in the sun, so fine lines can form quickly. Slower circulation to this area also accentuates dark circles and puffiness.

Our FILLMED MESO BEAUTIFEYE treatment specifically targets this difficult to treat area. Focusing on maximising hydration and improving overall skin quality we can help to reveal and restore your eye contours natural radiance.

Specifically targets fine lines and fragile skin around the eyes. Improves skin texture, correction of fine lines, improves homogeneity, density and elasticity and restores radiance to the eye contour area.

Beautifeye 50 mins


Beautifeye and Bio Nutri Neck 70mins



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