Electrolysis is a tried and tested method of hair removal and hair reduction that has been giving clients results for years. At Tessa Stevens we use the Rita Roberts methods of Electrolyisis. Hair in unwanted areas of the face or body can be upsetting causing low self-esteem, and continual unsuccessful attempts at hair removal can even cause damage to the surrounding skin and in some cases stimulate more hair growth. Electrolysis uses a diathermy (heat) current to create destruction in the hair follicle to treat the hairs. Hygiene and your safety is of the up-most importance to us – so you can be assured our team are all registered with a certified insurer and we use new Ballet brand needles for all treatments. We dispose of our needles safely complying with all local council requirements. Please contact us with any questions you may have or view our consultation & treatment prices below

Price list

We use the Rita Roberts method for our electrolysis treatments. You must have a private consultation and patch test on your first visit, so we can decide on the best course of treatment for you

Consultation and patch test

£10.00 (refundable against first treatment)

10 mins


15 mins


20 mins


25 mins


30 mins


35 mins


40 mins


45 mins


What is electrolysis hair removal?
Who can have it done?
Is it permanent hair removal?
Should I have laser hair removal or Electrolysis?
What areas can you treat?
Does it hurt?
I am very embarrassed about my hair growth.


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