Advanced Electrolysis

The safe and effective way to remove skin tags, milia, facial red veins and blood spots, seborrheic warts, moles and anything lumpy and bumpy. This method of removal uses short wave diathermy current. A consultation is required. Clients are also required to purchase an anaesthetic and apply this 45mins prior to having your treatment. 

Facial Thread Veins

Electrolysis can treat thread veins and broken capillaries on the face and upper body. The ultra-fine needle cauterises blood in the damaged area to clear the blemish. Telangiectasia, also known as red veins, thread veins and broken capillaries, are common in exposed and vulnerable areas such as the nose. These can be caused by trauma to the skin.  Treatment aims to restore the previous appearance of the skin.

Skin Tags

Removal of skin tags is simple and quick with electrolysis. The procedure consists of cauterising the skin tag with an electrolysis needle. This allows the electrolysis method to sufficiently destroy the skin tag growth. Skin tags are benign, innocuous growths which vary in size, shape and attachment. They are often found in areas where there is friction, such as where the skin creases or clothes rub. Skin tags (technically known as fibro-vascular papilloma) are increasingly common as we age and affect almost half of the population. While they are benign and do not pose any direct risk to your health, skin tags can easily be removed if they are impacting on your self esteem or mental well-being.


Usually seen around the eyes, including the eyelid and between the eyelashes, nose and upper cheeks. Milia are irritating small, hard, round white nodules slightly raised above skin level, formed when keratin is trapped beneath the outer layer of the skin, forming a tiny cyst. Milia treatment is performed by inserting a tiny electrolysis needle (about the size of an eyelash) and applying a Short Wave current.


The electrolysis technique used for wart removal depends upon the type of wart, but with a common wart or seborrheic wart, the tiny electrolysis needle simply cuts and cauterises the wart from the skin.

Following treatment the surface of the wart will scab over, which will, after a week or so, slough away leaving perfect skin behind.  More than one wart treatment may be required with verrucas in particular being very resilient and definitely needing more than one treatment. All warts can be very effectively treated using an advanced electrolysis procedure (except for genital warts, as this is mucus membrane and therefore electrolysis is not suitable).

Blood Spots

Cherry Angioma are small blood spots that are benign vascular blemishes. They can vary in size from small pin dots to as large as a penny; and in colour from bright red to darker tones.  Cherry angioma are not painful, but may bleed when scratched and can become distressing, particularly if they are in difficult to mask areas. Diathermy techniques place can desiccate the tissue and cauterise blood.

Price list

Consultation and patch test

£10.00 (refundable against first treatment)

Treatments are booked in a 15 minute session

£65.00 (flat rate)

Please note: Avoid going into the sun following treatment for 2 weeks.


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