28th February 2021

What Can I Do About My Cellulite?

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Cellulite is something that many women come to see us about. 80% of women over 28-years-old will have some form of cellulite. But, there is so much misinformation out there it can be difficult to know what can be done to help, as well as know which treatment or course of action is right for you. In the blog today we will be busting some myths and explaining what cellulite is.

Cellulite myth vs reality

Cellulite is also known as “orange peel” skin and areas due to the appearance which is dimpled and lumpy. It usually affects the bottom and thigh areas but can also occur elsewhere too. Cellulite is basically a fat deposit caused by the swelling and growth of fatty cells and it can also be influenced by particular hormones. Some babies are even born with a little cellulite due to fatty cells being swollen due to the hormones from the mummy. Age can make the appearance of cellulite worse as the collagen and elasticity have broken down and therefore the skin does not look firm and tight so the cells look even more swollen.

So now you know what it is, what can be done to help the appearance of it? There are plenty of myths out there that claim to be the answer:



You can ‘flush’ cellulite out.


Drinking water will first and foremost help the vital organs of the body: the liver, the kidneys, the gut etc. These will function better and work a little harder to eliminate toxins from the body (not just cellulite). By simply making this lifestyle change by choosing to drink more water and to eliminate all toxins from the body, the body will overall function better and the skin health will be improved. But there is no miracle tidal wave that will flush anything out.


Creams get rid of cellulite.


A good cosmeceutical product used twice a day with upwards movements and combined with exercise, a diet rich in vegetables and fibre, lifestyle changes (like no alcohol, low sugars, and fatty foods) with salon treatments are the only thing that works. Again a good cosmeceutical can be used as maintenance after all these other steps are carried out.

Different types of cellulite

In the clinic, we find that there are different types of cellulite. It can be soft or hard, also it varies depending on the length of time you have had it, your health and predominately your lifestyle as well as where it is on the body, all make a difference to how it responds.

The main things to remember are that you have to be realistic about the results you want to achieve. After a full consultation and looking at the cellulite we can establish what type it is and discuss the outcomes. A lot of the real results are with how your skins tone and elasticity holds the cellulite as this really helps with its appearance.

The main focus should always be on lifestyle changes and skin tone.

3D Cyrofuse

We find combinational therapies are best to help with appearance:

Using Vitamin A at home, with a cosmetic roller to enhance penetration of the Vitamin A
Supplements will help – especially Vitamin A and Collagen.
Combined with salon treatments: Radio Frequency and 3D Cryofuse

For more information visit the Mayo Clinic website.

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