29th June 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Removal

What is it that makes us so nervous to talk about hair?

People have it all over their bodies. Sometimes in places, they don’t want it. From facial hair to hair around the areola, bikini line and tummy hair, underarm hair, or back hair – there can be fine light hairs or dark wiry ones. But hair and hair removal can be taboo.

This subject can be particularly difficult for some young girls and women. So often they don’t talk about it and keep quiet and just try something. They do this without any advice or expertise themselves at home.

Getting professional help

DIY and messing around with hair removal at home isn’t a good idea. It can actually sometimes stimulate the hair to grow back thicker and more of it. This is often the case with facial hair, hair on the nipple, and hair on the stomach area. We encourage you not to take hair removal into your own hands without speaking to an expert first.

It doesn’t have to be embarrassing and getting good advice from a professional is far better in the long run.

Client experience

A client, let’s call her Mary, has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, aka PCOS. Women with PCOS produce higher amounts of male hormones. So the imbalance causes multiple symptoms. One of the less serious, but still potentially upsetting, is excess hair in certain areas.

Mary was coming into us for HD Brows treatment and after a few sessions had built up a great relationship with her therapist. Our therapist noticed the hair on her chin and asked her if she wanted any confidential but professional advice.

Mary revealed she had some hair on the chin and around her nipple.

She had previously been plucking the hair at home. This stimulates it to get a lot worse, and the skin was getting marked and suffering damage from the tweezers.

Since then Mary has had a consultation and we treat the top lip and around the nipple with IPL and we treat the chin with electrolysis as it’s a mixture of hair that is both thin and thick.

As she has POCS she will respond slower and need more treatments, but she is getting good results and the skin is looking brighter and less marked as she isn’t using the tweezers. She is more confident and feeling really happy that the hair on the top lip and around the nipple is so much finer and growing slower.

Our pride

We are proud of our expertise in hair removal and the fact you can trust our therapists to treat you with friendly professionalism and care. Did you know IPL at Tessa Stevens was even featured in the International magazine Elle? You can read the article here.

You may assume we only advocate laser hair removal, but not everyone is suitable for IPL and not everyone can afford it either. At Tessa Stevens Health and Beauty Clinics we have a variety of professional hair removal methods on offer including IPL:


There are a variety of types of wax on the market but we only use traditional hot wax. This is because warm wax is more effective in removing all hairs, even stubborn hair and it is great for all hair types.

It’s warmer in temperature and this helps open the pores. It is applied with a wooden spoon, sets on the skin, and is taken off with fabric strips. This method is especially effective on the body and top lip.

Intense Pulse Light

this treatment is for those that want permanent hair reduction and is suitable for any face or body hair that has dark hair. This is not suitable for those with blonde or grey or red hair.

A flash of light is applied to the area and slowly destroys the root of the hair. This treatment usually requires eight sessions for the body and about thirteen for the face.


This is a good long-term solution as it can be a permanent method of hair removal. It is perfect for small areas such as hair on the top lip, chin, tummy, and nipple. This treatment should be considered for those people that can’t have IPL.

It works using a small needle and a diathermy current to eventually destroy the root of the hair.


The peaks and hormone spikes can temporarily create a hair growth pattern of thicker, darker hair in places like the face or our body. Please remember that as women, from a young age, all the way through to old age, our bodies will go through peaks with hormones. The key thing is not to respond to it immediately. Do not remove it at home because your hormones may settle and in the meantime. You have created a stimulated hair growth which will always need managing.

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