12th May 2022



What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a hereditary chronic inflammatory skin condition that usually affects the face. People may mistake rosacea for acne, eczema, or an allergic skin reaction. The main symptoms of rosacea are facial flushing, irritated skin, and pimples. Other symptoms include blushing easily, feeling hot & tight.

Your skin is made up of three layers, we are interested in two, the epidermis and the dermis.

When looking at rosacea we are looking at the barrier function, the health of the epidermis and the vascular condition of your skin (veins).


Think of your skin as a house, with a tiled roof, 4 windows and a base that it sits on.

Holes in the roof allowing UV & free radical damage

We need to repair the roof in order to achieve healthy skin & to improve the barrier function.

Inside the body alcohol/stress/diet/ medication & lifestyle.

If the roof and the foundation of the home are compromised, the inside will suffer.


Things that effect Rosacea

UV light, harsh skincare, harsh makeup, lifestyle factors such as diet, alcohol, cardio exercise, caffeine, an overactive immune system, medication and stress.


Rosacea is incurable HOWEVER we can help manage flare ups and keep your skin healthier & manage any flare ups.

No two skins are the same, no two people are the same, so everyone’s Rosacea story is different.

Your skin has a history that brings you to where you are now. Diet, sun exposure, medication & lifestyle all contribute to the skin you have today.

Treat & Prevent

1. Diet, Nutrition & Gut Health

2. Skincare & SPF

3. Clean Make up

4. Learning your triggers and making some lifestyle changes

Salon Treatments


– Intense pulse light & laser

– Facials

– Education, advice & Support


Lets create a plan bespoke for your Rosacea to get an incredible result like this